Actual and review

1. Actual for Kenya see Newsletter 24

During this current year, CDF supports 34 children or young adults (four male), eight of whom are in college or university.

Since the project began in 2009, 141 children (mostly girls) have successfully completed their secondary school education, some also their college or university education. This means their further development opportunities have improved significantly. These numbers represent many dreams nurtured, desires realized and a community that has experienced the transformative power of education. Many of the children supported now serve their communities as teachers, accountants, nurses, or nutritionists. By reducing the financial burden on parents or guardians, the project not only contributes to the education and empowerment of the directly beneficiary children, but also to improving the development opportunities of the entire families. The focus on secondary and post-secondary education reflects a holistic approach to supporting these children's intellectual growth and prospects.

2. Actual for Tanzania see Newsletter 24

This year, CDF is supporting 13 young adults (including one male teenager) with scholarships, including four for upper secondary school qualifications F5 and F6.
Since the project began in 2009, in addition to various school projects in Jambiani (see previous newsletters), six young Zanzibarian adults have acquired a diploma or a qualified professional qualification, including one male teenager.

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